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Driving is a central part of modern-day life and it’s hard to imagine going to the supermarket, taking the kids to school, or a host of other tasks without a car. But how often do we drive when we don’t need to?

By carefully considering which trips actually need a car against those where we could maybe walk or take public transport, we can begin to reduce our environmental and even economic impact. We can even improve safety, simply by reducing the amount of cars on the roads. Of course, there are occasions where driving is essential. For those occasions, here are three tips on how to minimise the negative impact your driving has on the environment and for those around you:

  1. Keep to a lower speed and avoid harsh braking and acceleration. This helps to reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency and increase your Octo telematics score! If you slow down to 20mph in built up areas, even when the speed limit is 30mph, your journey time is unlikely to be significantly affected but you are producing less emissions and are less dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists

  2. By planning your journey more efficiently and combining multiple journeys into a combined trip, you can also reduce emissions and save money on petrol. If you are driving long distances, leave plenty of time for driving at a safe, slow speed, in the right gear, and rest every two hours to ensure high levels of concentration

  3. Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained as a well-maintained car produces less emissions and is more fuel efficient. Having well inflated tyres, cleaning dirty air and fuel filters and regularly changing your oil can improve your fuel efficiency and produce less emissions. It is much less likely that a well-maintained vehicle to cause an obstruction or an accident. 

Octo Telematics, the number one global provider of telematics for the auto insurance industry, supports Road Safety Week and the pledges Brake has proposed on sustainable driving:

Everyone – I'll minimise the amount I drive, or not drive at all. I'll get about by walking, cycling or public transport as much as I can, for road safety, the environment and my health.

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