Secondary teachers and youth leaders: get involved

Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people in the UK, so road safety is one of the most important topics for young people to safeguard their futures. Many schools and colleges suffer the tragic news at some point that one of their students has been killed or seriously injured in a road crash. The way young people get around also has a big impact on their health and impact on the environment. If you teach or work with young people then you can use the ideas and tools below to help you to inform your students of the risks and help them make safe and sustainable choices using roads.

Young people are more likely to engage in the topic of road safety if they are given ownership of it and are able to come up with their own practical solutions for keeping safe and creative approaches for getting the message across to others. The resources in this section are aimed to help you deliver sessions with young people that allow them to really engage in road safety and sustainable travel, rather than being lectured at. Crucially, we also don’t make any assumptions that young people intend or want to learn to drive: our materials also highlight the benefits of travelling through healthy and sustainable means.

You can work with us to engage young people in road safety by:

  • Running lessons, activities and creative projects like tasking young people to develop their own road safety advert or campaign. This can be as part of PHSE or in a particular subject like maths, science, drama or the arts. See our guide to teaching road safety for lots of advice and ideas on what to teach and how, and use our resources for young people.
  • If you would like to receive information about other opportunities and events please sign up at our preference centre.
  • Registering for Road Safety Week in November, to get a free email action pack with advice and resources to help you and your students get involved.
  • If you teach or work with younger children, see our Beep Beep! Day for nurseries.

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