John Leech, MP for Manchester Withington, December 2006

dec06John Leech, MP for Manchester Withington

During December John worked with Brake to lobby the Government to reinstate funding for the BrakeCare bereavement pack. The pack is currently the only Government funded support for people bereaved through a road crash, but the Home Office have said that funding is due to be withdrawn in 2007. John tabled an Early Day Motion noting his concern about this withdrawal of funding, and calling for funding for a national helpline for road crash victims, a face-to-face support service and training for people working with road crash victims. He also noted that the Victims Fund, announced on 12th January 2004, is yet to result in any funds for road crash victims, and therefore called upon the Government to examine other options for funding services to road crash victims. Click here to read EDM 237.

John also helped the Forgotten Victims campaign for better services for road crash victims by tabling four written questions about support services for roads crash victims, due for answer beginning 8 January 2007. Click here to read these questions.

John says: ‘It is essential that the Government provide funding for support services for those who have been bereaved or injured through road crashes. Road crash victims may be traumatically bereaved, or suffer serious, life-altering injuries, and yet they are currently overlooked by Government support services, as are not eligible for support from Victim Support, and are yet to receive funding from the Victim’s Fund. The Government must address this issue immediately if its pledge to put victims at the heart of the justice system is to be taken seriously.’

For information on our Forgotten Victims campaign, please click here.

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