David Kidney, MP for Stafford, February 2007

feb07David Kidney, MP for Stafford

David Kidney has sponsored and supported a Private Members Bill calling for time to be advanced for one hour throughout the year to create lighter evenings. He has spoken at length about the benefits of introducing such a bill, particularly on the probability of road casualties being reduced if time were advanced and evenings made lighter. Click here to read the Second Reading of the bill. He has also campaigned for action to ensure safer driving for work, and has tabled two written questions on the issue. Click here and here to read these questions and the Government’s response.

David Kidney says: ‘Putting the clocks forward by one hour has the potential to save about 130 lives a year?the equivalent of an average-sized primary school in my constituency? by making evenings lighter. Since we stopped the British Summer Time experiment in 1971, more than 3,000 lives have been lost on the roads that might not have been lost had we carried on with the experiment. I believe it is time to take the simple step of advancing time by one hour in order to make the roads safer for vulnerable road users in the evenings.’

Click here to read Brake’s fact sheet Time to put the clocks forward’.

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