David Burrowes, MP for Enfield Southgate, July 2007

july07David Burrowes, MP for Enfield Southgate
David Burrowes MP has been working in his constituency to educate young people about the dangers they face on the roads. He is campaigning to get the young driver road safety initiative ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ implemented in Enfield, and also attended a Brake & FedEx Road Safety Academy presentation at Highlands School, in Enfield to support local road safety campaigner George Atkinson, who was talking to 14-year-old pupils about their attitudes towards driving.

George, whose 16-year-old daughter was hit and killed by a car which mounted a pavement in Enfield in January 1998, was trained by the Brake & FedEx academy three years ago. He delivers hard-hitting road safety presentations to young people, using Brake resources, and has already spoken to hundreds of teenagers in Enfield and other boroughs. David made sure that key road safety messages from the presentation reached as many of his constituents as possible by encouraging local media to report on the event, resulting in articles in the Enfield Gazette and Enfield Advertiser.

Throughout July, David worked in Parliament to raise awareness about an issue inseparable from young driver safety - drug driving. According to a recent survey by Brake, almost one in ten young drivers (9%) has driven after taking drugs. David tabled Parliamentary Questions asking what progress is being made in developing roadside drug-screening devices, what the timescale is for the development of type-approval of the devices, and if the devices will be available for use by police forces within the next three years (11 July 2007 : Column 1527W).

These questions have resulted in the Home Office confirming that it will publish a ‘Guide to Type Approval of Drug Testing Devices’ by September 2007, and that after this, a typical timescale for the type-approval process might be around six months, meaning drug screening devices could potentially be on the market by March 2008.

Brake has produced an information sheet for drivers on the issue of drug driving, outlining the problem and giving case studies of drug-drive crashes.

David also tabled a question about enforcement and levels of compliance with new child seat legislation introduced in September 2006 (11 July 2007 : Column 1529W).

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