John Leech, MP for Manchester Withington, December 2007

dec07John Leech, MP for Manchester Withington
John Leech MP has been stepping up his campaign to save young lives, by lobbying for a default 20mph speed limit on urban roads and roadside pedestrian training for children.

In December, John kept the momentum of his campaign going by tabling numerous Parliamentary Questions. He is trying to establish if the impact of 20mph zones throughout the UK has been monitored and assessed fully, particularly in cities like Hull and Edinburgh, where there are a significant number of 20mph zones. Any evidence of casualty reductions achieved in these areas will further strengthen his campaign and back up his calls to Government. He is also trying to ascertain if those local authorities who have good speed management practices in place, and have achieved casualty reductions, ever share their best practice with other local authorities, and if the Department for Transport does anything to encourage or facilitate this. John is also probing the Government to explain why roadside pedestrian training is not available throughout the whole of the UK, in every school.

John intends to continue campaigning into the New Year, and is working with Brake and other MPs to make the case for a 20mph default urban limit directly to the road safety minister, Jim Fitzpatrick. John hopes that the Government will adopt a version of the legislation outlined in his 2007 Ten Minute Rule Bill to set a default 20mph urban limit. The Bill was lost due to timetabling.

For more information, read about Brake’s ‘Watch out there’s a kid about’ campaign to stop child death and injury on the road. Why not join the campaign? - [sign Brake’s petition][2] calling for ring-fenced funding for 20mph zones around schools and homes. If you know of a dangerous road in your area, let Brake know by calling our Zak the zebra hotline on 08000 68 77 80, and Brake could help you campaign for road safety improvements. 

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