Viscount Jan Simon won Parliamentarian of the Year 2008 - Community Campaigner

community2008Viscount Jan Simon received the ‘Community Campaigner’ award for his continuing work with local constabularies to improve roads policing. He regularly spends his time on traffic patrol with a number of constabularies, to assist the officers and to understand the concerns and problems facing road traffic police on the ground, to inform his Parliamentary work. His work has led to Parliamentary lobbying for roads policing to be made a priority and for Home Office police targets to reflect this. He has been at the scene of a road death, spoken to bereaved families, directed traffic, and generally assisted roads policing officers with their duties. In 2007, he has been out on 24 traffic patrols. After identifying a local and national problem with false number plates being used, he worked with local police driving schools, and ACPO, to get more forces trained in recognising false number plates. ACPO are now looking into this issue. He also presented the Livia Award, which commends the service provided by police officers investigating road deaths and supporting road crash victims.

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