We have listed more than 100 sites that can give you more help to stop the carnage. Sites are listed in categories - you may need to scroll down to find what you need.

Disclaimer: Brake is not liable for the content of other websites.

For children, parents and educators
Use this link for fun websites providing games and activities for children, as well as sites giving advice and resources for parents and teachers on topics including teaching road safety and child seats. Includes companies that can sell you high visbility clothing for kids

For teenagers, young passengers and drivers, and their parents and educators
Many websites for young people are about how to pass a driving test. The sites listed here are different - they warn against the dangers and environmental damage of driving and give practical advice to help young people save lives and the planet

For drivers and motorcyclists
Sites giving advice on key safety topics including speed, tiredness, distractions, drink and drug driving, head restraints and more

Advice for communities, cyclists and pedestrians
Sites that can help you campaign for lower speed limits and more off-road routes for cyclists and pedestrians

Universities and other institutions researching road safety
Universities do a wealth of research into road safety - these sites are useful if you are an academic or professional working in road safety

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) campaigning for road safety
NGOs such as Brake are at the heart of the movement to stop road deaths. Find out about others here

Government, enforcement, and insurance agencies
Governments have the most power to stop deaths and injuries. Find out what they are doing here, as well as access data on road death in your country or region

Trade associations that have members with an interest in road safety
There are many professionals working to stop road deaths. Find out about the organisations representing them here

Fleet risk management
Use this link to access other not for profit initiatives helping employers to reduce their road risk.

Support for people affected by a road crash
Find out what organisations exist to offer support to people affected by a road crash.