Brake comments on Government's Future of Mobility Urban Strategy

The Government has today published its new Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy, setting out the key principles that that will guide Government decision-making on urban mobility.
As part of the strategy, Government has also announced the biggest regulatory review in a generation to explore regulation around new transport modes and has announced that £90 million will be invested in towns and cities under the Future Mobility Zones scheme, to test transport innovation, with the aim of making journeys greener, easier, safer and more reliable.
Commenting, director of campaigns for Brake, Joshua Harris said:
“As our towns and cities grow busier and more congested the importance of safe and healthy streets becomes increasingly urgent. Every day 40 people are killed or seriously injured on urban roads in Britain, and the pollution and congestion from cars, vans and lorries is taking a devastating toll on public health. The Government’s new strategy for urban mobility, and its focus on safety and sustainable mobility, is therefore a welcome step on the journey to safe and healthy streets.
“New technologies in motorised transport, such as driverless cars, offer us huge prizes for safety, accessibility and connectivity but in the rush to take advantage of emerging tech we must keep sight of the main priority: the needs of people. Cars, vans and lorries have dominated our urban landscape for far too long, taking space away from people and creating an environment full of pollution and danger. We support the Government’s assertion that walking, cycling and active travel must remain the best options for short urban journeys but significant investment is needed to make this goal a reality.”
[1] Brake’s vision for safe and healthy mobility can be found here.
[2] Urban road deaths and serious injuries, Reported Road Casualties Great Britain: 2017, RAS1002
[3] Department for Transport's 'Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy

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