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Thursday 28 March 2019
With the clocks set to go forward an hour this Sunday, welcoming the start of spring, road safety charity Brake is calling for the UK to move to Single/Double Summer Time (SDST), to deliver benefits to road safety.
This radical proposal would give lighter evenings throughout the year, by moving clocks to an hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1) in winter, and two hours ahead (GMT+2) in summer. The number of pedestrians killed and seriously injured in April 2017 (390), the month after the clocks move forward, fell by over a quarter from March 2017 (527), a consistent trend over recent years [1]. This highlights the potential to reduce the number of people being killed or seriously injured on the roads with lighter evenings.   
The European Parliament this week took the clock changes a step further and voted to scrap the twice a year process of changing them by an hour each spring and autumn, making EU member states choose either permanent summer or winter time from 2021.
Commenting, Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake, said:
“As we all look forward to lighter evenings throughout the summer months, we urge the Government to assess the safety benefits of summer time being implemented all year round. It is likely no coincidence that as soon as the evenings get lighter the number of pedestrians killed and seriously injured on our roads falls by over a quarter.
“A move to SDST has so many benefits, not only to road safety, but through reducing carbon emissions and encouraging people to be more active and use the extra daylight for outdoor pursuits. It is surely time that the Government seriously considers this change as a simple and effective way to reduce deaths and injuries on our roads – certainly as a permanent change may soon be mandated by the EU, regardless.”
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