Brake welcomes announcement of more cycle training for children

News from Brake
Friday 7 February 2020
The Government has today announced the expansion of its cycle training scheme, Bikeability.
The move will see more training places on the scheme made available to children across England giving them the skills they need to cycle safely on the roads.
Whilst welcoming the move, road safety charity Brake say that more needs to be done to improve the safety of our roads for people cycling, particularly children who are amongst the most vulnerable road users - in 2018, on average, six children cycling were killed or seriously injured every week.
Brake want to see safer default speed limits on rural and urban roads, greater investment in segregated cycle lanes and a justice system which keeps dangerous drivers off the roads. The charity believes that such measures can help improve safety and get more people cycling.
Commenting, Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake said: “Extending cycle training for children is a positive move but with six children a week being killed or seriously injured when on their bikes it’s clear that much more must be done to make our streets safer. Every child should be able to cycle or walk safely to school without fear from the threat of traffic and so we need slower, safer speed limits, more investment in walking and cycling infrastructure and laws which mean that drivers who behave dangerously are removed from our roads”
Notes to editors:
  • Government announcement on expansion of Bikeability can be read here.


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