Brake calls on Government to save lives by making it Lighter Later year-round, as we welcome in British Summer Time

23 March 2011

From: Brake, the road safety charity
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This Sunday is the official start of British Summer Time as the clocks move forwards by one hour giving us longer, brighter evenings. Lighter evenings mean fewer deaths and injuries on our roads as more of our daylight time falls during hours when we’re awake, and we all (school children in particular) have more time to get home in the evenings before darkness closes in.

Brake is backing the Lighter Later campaign for the Government to change the clocks for good to GMT +1 in the winter and GMT +2 in the summer. It’s estimated that this simple measure would prevent around 80 road deaths and more than 200 serious injuries every year [1]. It would also cut emissions, save money and increase the amount of leisure time we have during daylight hours on average by one-third. Read about the benefits at

Rebecca Harris MP tabled a Private Members Bill calling for the Government to conduct a cross-departmental analysis of the potential costs and benefits of advancing time by one hour for all, or part of, the year. The Bill has so far been successful and it is now in the committee stage, before it will proceed to its third reading.

Julie Townsend, Brake’s campaigns director, said: “Brake has been campaigning for the clocks to be changed for good for many years. It is such a simple and effective way to reduce deaths and injuries on our roads, and carries so many other benefits, like increased daylight leisure time, and reduced carbon emissions. We need to push this issue to the top of the political agenda and keep it there until it happens.”

[1] Research published in Department for Transport consultation paper, A Safer Way: Making Britain's Roads the Safest in the World, 2009