Slower speeds save lives

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Slowing down is one of the most important things drivers can do to make our roads and communities safer and greener. Slowing down means you have more time to react and brake in an emergency, such as if a child suddenly steps out, or there’s stationary traffic up ahead on a motorway. If we reduce traffic speeds, it means fewer and less serious crashes and lower emissions.

What needs to be done?

GO 20 in communities: slower speeds to protect people on foot and bike. Read more
Rural roads not racetracks: to tackle lethal crashes on rural roads. Read more 
No to 80 on motorways: the government must abandon proposals to raise the limit. Read more

What you can do

Drop your MP a quick GO 20 note calling for slower speeds for safer walking and cycling
Like the GO 20 campaign on Facebook to spread the word
Sign a Europe-wide petition calling for all our communities to GO 20 (click on the support bullon, bottom-left of the page to sign)
Campaign for lower speeds in your area using Brake’s advice

Make Brake’s Pledge to show commitment to slower speeds
Get our fortnightly e-bulletin, for campaign updates on what you can do

Write to your MP opposing an 80mph motorway limit
Sign this petition opposing an 80mph motorway limit

Campaign news   

Men more likely to risk lives by overtaking blind or speeding on rural roads 11.04.13
Brake welcomes new government guidance encouraging more 20mph limits
, 21.01.13
Brake welcomes push for more walking and cycling, but calls for action to reduce risk 28.11.12
Powerful GO 20 billboard adverts displayed across London
, 22.11.12
Brake launches GO 20 campaign in Road Safety Week alongside charity coalition, 19.11.12
Brake applauds Liberal Democrat call for 20mph limits 25.09.12
Brake enthusiastically welcomes reported halt to 80mph plans 17.09.12
Brake response to Welsh Assembly active travel consultation, 14.08.12
Government consults on guidance on setting local speed limits - Brake response, 13.07.12
Brake appeals to drivers to slow down for kids this half term, 30.05.12
Coalition of charities launch fight-back against costly and dangerous 80mph limits, 18.05.12
Speech by Julie Townsend, deputy CEO at Brake's International Congress on Speed, 17.05.12
Local MP wins award for campaign to lower speed limit on Crooked Mile, 13.04.12
Bereaved family back Beep Beep! initiative for safer roads for kids, 18.04.12
Government to trial 80mph limits on motorways: Brake reaction, 19.03.12
Nicky Morgan MP wins national road safety award for school transport campaign, 09.03.12
Drivers regularly risking lives by tailgating on motorways, 01.03.12
Brake gives evidence to Transport Select Committee on the government road safety framework, 24.01.12
Stephen Phillips MP receives road safety award for speed limit campaign, 14.12.11
Brake speaks out following M5 crash, 7.11.11
MP wins national award for campaign for 20mph limits in memory of constituent, 21.09.11 
Proposed motorway speed limit increase shameful, says Brake, 30.09.11
Bereaved family back campaign for safer roads for kids to mark anniversary of son’s death, 14.09.11
Ed Miliband backs campaign for slowing down to 20mph, 09.09.11
Brake response to speed camera data published by Department for Transport, 24.08.11
Life-saving benefits of Scottish speed cameras demonstrated, 27.07.11
Speed cameras switched back on in Oxfordshire, 1.04.11
Brake speaks out against raising the motorway speed limit, 14.03.11
Transport Secretary says he is considering raising motorway limits, 28.02.11
Scientists reveal traffic at 30mph is too fast for children's visual abilities, 23.11.10
Report shows 800 lives saved by speed cameras annually, 24.11.10
Kids say slow down in Road Safety Week 2010, 22.11.10
Brake volunteer Clare Brixey leads protest at decommissioning of speed cameras, 20.08.10
Brake and Direct Line publish Safe Driving Report on Speed, 01.08.10
Speech to Speed Congress 2010 by Mary Williams OBE, Brake CE, 13.05.10
Brake response to Department for Transport proposals to encourage more 20mph limits, 05.02.10
Effect of 20mph zones on injuries in London - article published in British Medical Journal, 14.09.09
Government publishes guidance for local authorities on setting speed limits (circular 1/06), 08.08.06