GO 20 toolkit

Allianz Insurance is proud to sponsor the GO 20 toolkit.

Local authorities, community campaigners, emergency services and schools can use the resources in this toolkit to promote the benefits of 20mph limits, and raise awareness about the importance of drivers slowing down to protect people on foot and bike in towns, cities and villages.

For guidance on campaigning locally for 20 limits and other road safety measures, see Brake’s community campaign guide. For information on Brake’s national GO 20 campaign see brake.org.uk/go20.

All resources are downloadable below, plus we have a limited supply of hard copies of the leaflet. You can request hard copies using the form at the bottom of this page.

GO20researchreportRead our major research report on the extent of 20mph limits in Great Britain and the barriers faced by local councils in implementing them.


You can download and print these posters to display in your area (such as on community noticeboards, in libraries and shops, with permission), at community meetings, or in your work place. Hard copies of the first two posters are available. Request copies using the form at the bottom of this page.


GO 20 quiz

Test your knowledge about 20mph limits with our GO 20 quiz, or share it on social media. The resource also includes videos from Dave Britt, whose son Aaron was killed by a speeding driver; Rod King from 20's Plenty; and Sarah Sharp, who successfully campaigned for 20mph limits in Chichester.









Display these in local newspapers and magazines, on websites and social media, or on bus backs or bus stops if you have access to advertising space. If you require a higher resolution version of an advert please email admin@brake.org.uk.



Add these web banners to your online communications including websites, social media and email bulletins.




Leaflet, factsheet and infographic

Download and print the factsheet and infographic, or share electronically via email, social media, or a link on your website. Request hard copies of the leaflet using the form at the bottom of this page (see a preview of the leaflet).




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The GO 20 toolkit has been developed thanks to funding from Allianz Insurance.