Roads to Justice: calls to government

1. Introduce tougher charges and penalties for driving offences

Crackdown HandcuffsWe need tougher charges and penalties to deter dangerous behaviour, reflect the suffering caused, and provide justice for victim families. Brake wants to see:


  • revised charges to stop drivers being let off on lesser 'careless' driving charges;
  • much stiffer penalties for hit-and-run and disqualified drivers;
  • stronger sentencing guidelines, allowing judges to hand out maximum sentences in the most serious cases.

2. Invest in road-traffic police

policetartan.svgLaw-breaking drivers must know they will be caught: we need to send out a message that dangerous driving, like speeding or using a mobile phone at the wheel, is a serious crime.

We need well-resourced, effective and comprehensive road-traffic policing. Brake asks the government to make road-traffic policing a high investment priority.

3. Provide specialist support for suffering families

HELPumbrellaBrake supports bereaved and seriously injured crash victims through a national helpline and support packs, part-funded by government. But this remains a grossly under-funded area, with support services for road crash victims receiving only a tiny fraction of the national victim support budget, despite the large number of families who suffer life-changing trauma through road death and injury. 

We urge the government to increase investment in specialist victim support, to be offered automatically and promptly to all families bereaved and seriously injured by road crashes.


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