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Brake's helpline is for people living in the UK who have been bereaved or who have suffered a serious injury in a road crash. This includes boyfriends and girlfriends of people who have died and close friends too. If a road death has happened abroad Brake can also provide support to family and friends living in the UK. Our objective is to provide you with emotional support services, information and advocacy to help you to recover and deal with the many procedures that follow death or serious injury on the road.

Our helpline is also available to anyone who cares for people bereaved or injured in a road crash. This includes, for example, family members, carers, police family liaison officers, emergency service workers, counsellors, and teachers. We can help you to provide the best possible help to road crash victims, and also support you if you were involved in the immediate aftermath of a fatal or serious crash and feel traumatised as a result.

Our helpline is not available to people who caused or witnessed a fatal or serious injury crash, unless the casualties were family or close friends.

Helpline officers have specialist skills, training and experience to support those aged 16 and over. Staff also receive training in child bereavement and can support families with younger children by providing information and signposting, and by liaising with specialist child bereavement support services to try to facilitate access to the most appropriate support.

For further information about our services for people suddenly bereaved in other ways (i.e. not via a road crash) please visit www.suddendeath.org.



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