Wake up!

CAMWakeUphashDriving after little sleep, or failing to take regular breaks, can be lethal. Yet many drivers take the risk, with horrific consequences. Tired drivers are estimated to cause one in 10 fatal crashes on UK roads, rising to one in five on motorways and other monotonous trunk roads.

Tired driver crashes kill at least 300 people on UK roads every year, although the true figure could be much higher as it can be hard to prove tiredness as the cause of any individual crash.

Get the facts on driving tired and sleep apnoea.

What needs to be done?

Drivers can help make our roads safer by understanding the dangers of driving tired, taking regular breaks and pulling over somewhere safe straight away if they feel sleepy at the wheel. We also need greater awareness of sleep apnoea, a medical condition which disrupts sleep, causing acute tiredness – it is thought to affect 700,000 people in the UK, and is treatable but often not recognised.

We are calling for government to carry out awareness-raising campaigns about these issues, and to engage organisations that employ drivers to encourage policies to prevent driver tiredness, including eliminating unnecessary journeys by road. We also need government action to tackle tiredness from sleep apnoea, such as introducing clinical guidelines for health practitioners to aid effective diagnosis and treatment, and compulsory screening for people who drive for work.

The government should also improve infrastructure to minimise the consequences of tired driving crashes, for instance by installing better and longer safety barriers where needed – such as on motorway bridges – and conducting a review of rest areas, to ensure drivers have plenty of options for breaks.

Find out more in our wake up! policy briefing (July 2011).

What can I do?

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