Brake's Giant Walk: fundraising

Brake is a national road safety charity that exists to stop the needless deaths and serious injuries that happen on roads every day, make streets and communities safer for everyone, and care for families bereaved and injured in road crashes. The money you raise supports this vital work.

Funds raised for Brake through events such as Brake's Giant Walk help us to support bereaved and injured victims of road crashes, to campaign on various issues including for 20mph limits and crossings in communities.

Fundraising ideas for Brake's Giant Walk event

There are many ways you can raise money for Brake alongside Brake's Giant Walk. Below are a few examples of fundraisers that other schools have run and you can find more examples on our fundraising pages:

  • Hold a banner/poster competition. Get the kids to design their own road safety-themed posters or banners and ask parents to pay a pound for their child to enter the competition. Why not purchase a t-shirt or other items from our shop to give as the prize?
  • Have a bake sale! Baking is back in fashion and is an easy way for children to raise money for Brake. Make your favourite cupcakes or try our traffic light biscuit recipe and then sell them to parents, staff and pupils.
  • Test your knowledge of road safety and create a road safety quiz. Each team can pay an entry fee and you can give road safety related prizes to the winning team!
  • Do a car wash! Staff and parents provide a donation for pupils to wash their cars at lunch time. This not only raises money for Brake but also teaches the children about how hard cars actually are.
  • Get sporty and competitive and organise a sports day or staff vs. kids match. It can be football, netball, rounders or anything else you can think of.
  • Hold a bring-and-buy sale or fun day and invite parents and local residents to have a stall or attend on the day, with proceeds going towards Brake.
  • Wet sponge the teacher! Which pupil, staff member or parent could resist donating a small amount to throw a soaking wet sponge at one of the teachers?
  • Have a fun dress-down day! Encourage all the children to come to school dressed in bright clothes and bring in a pound to raise money for Brake.

How your fundraising can make a difference:

£10 allows Brake to provide a free picture book for a child who has been bereaved in a road crash, to help them begin understand their loss, and guidance to their carers

£50 enables us to operate our helpline for an hour, supporting people affected by road crashes

£150 enables Brake to train 20 people to become campaigners for road safety in their community

£450 helps Brake to coordinate a road safety media campaign in a local community to help make their roads safer

pdf-bookFunds also help us produce resources such as our 'Someone has died in a road crash books' (pictured), which help children who have suffered the death of a loved one in a road crash. To order a copy, call 01484 559909 or email You can also go to, a Brake project committed to sharing best practice research and resources for professionals working with people affected by sudden bereavement.

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