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Brake launches virtual race this September in memory of 1,774 people killed on Britain’s roads each year. Joe Fenton 1123
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Parliamentarians can help communities to fight for vital road safety measures such as crossings outside schools and lower speed limits. Thanks to sponsorship from Direct Line, Brake gives monthly and annual awards to Parliamentarians to highlight their efforts to save lives in the communities they represent. To nominate your MP or a Member of the House of Lords, email brake@brake.org.uk or to find out how to lobby your MP to get involved in promoting road safety, click here

Browse this page for Brake's UK news stories and statements, and read more about our campaigns here.

Journalists from any country can contact Brake via news@brake.org.uk for quotes and interviews with Brake and families affected by road crashes. National journalists or any journalist out of hours can call (+44) 07976 069159.