The forgotten victims

HELPForgottenvictimsDeaths and serious injuries on roads cause horrendous suffering every day. These casualties are sudden, violent and man-made, and result in devastation for bereaved and injured victims.

Yet these families remain forgotten victims: they desperately need comprehensive support, guidance and information, but often they don't get it.

Get the facts on support for road crash victims.

What needs to be done?

Brake supports bereaved and seriously injured crash victims through a national helpline and support packs, part-funded by government. But this remains a grossly under-funded area, with many unable to access a clear pathway of support.

We are urging government to rectify this, by increasing investment in specialist support for road crash victims, so that it is automatically and promptly offered to all families bereaved and seriously injured by road crashes.

Find out more: Brake's support services for crash victims and policy briefing (July 2012).

What can I do?

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Campaign news

Brake helpline for road crash victims awarded prestigious Helplines Standard, 12/02/2015
Charity urges CPS to take on recommendations as inspectors find victims being failed, 04/02/2015
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Government funding renewed as demand for Brake's support services rises, 15/07/2014
Brake releases new version of acclaimed support pack for bereaved road crash victims, 14/02/2014
Brake welcomes move to ensure bereaved road crime victims get specialist support, 10/12/2013
15 year old girl's 13,000 strong petition to end drink driving handed to Downing Street, 03/07/2013
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Professionals encouraged to refer road crash victims to acclaimed 'I've been there' service, 13/02/2013
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Parliamentary briefing on support for road crash victims, 04/07/2012
Speech by Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive, on support for road crash victims, 04/07/2012
Speech by Nicole Taylor, volunteer and bereaved mum, on support for road crash victims, 04/07/2012
Brake calls for urgently-needed support for suffering road crash victims, 04/07/2012
Brake calls for driving offence fines to be used to fund support for crash victims, 04/07/2012
MoJ publishes response to 'getting it right for victims and witnesses' consultation, 02/07/2012
Brake responds to MoJ consultation, 'getting it right for victims and witnesses', 22/04/2012
Government announces £50m funding boost for victim support, launches consultation, 31/01/2012
Brake responds to the Labour Party justice review, 12/01/2012
Brake deputy CE speaks at seminar on police family liaison following road death and injury, 06/10/2011
Brake deputy CE meets Ministry of Justice Victims and Witnesses Unit, 08/09/2011
Brake welcomes review of support for culpable road death and homicide victims, 06/07/2011
Brake awarded three years' funding from Ministry of Justice for support services, 12/07/2011
Brake campaigns director speaks at Brake conference on support for crash victims, 02/11/2010
Victims' Commissioner Louise Casey publishes initial report, The Poor Relation, 20/07/2010
Brake responds to consultation on supporting victims of crime, 01/03/2006

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