Jamie Fry - where are you?

Jamie FryJamie, Where are you? taken from us all so quickly,
So many things I would have liked to tell you,
So many more things we could of done,
The future right in front of us.

When I look up in the clear sky I always look for a sign,
Maybe a cloud giving a message,
Or a star twinkling at me,
I know you’re near and never far.

When I walk alone I never feel scared,
I always check the shadows,
Sometimes I stare at the trees,
I always sense I should. Are you there?

You will always be in my heart,
Set in stone,
In my mind.
Thanks for always looking after me.

I look forward to the day we meet again Jamie.
No one will ever love me like you,
I love you.

Yours always, Catriona xx

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