Ban and test for drug driving in the UK

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Drugged driving is a widespread and often hidden menace in the UK. While not many drivers admit to it in surveys (for obvious reasons) research by the UK research agency TRL has found 17.7% of UK drivers who die in crashes have traces of illegal drugs in their system [1]. Many drugged drivers who have killed have been found to have taken a lethal cocktail of drugs and alcohol. We want drivers registering any level of illegal drugs in their blood stream to be guilty of an offence of driving under the influence of drugs, whether or not it can be proved their driving was impaired. Shockingly, such a law isn't on the statute books already. We also need urgent approval of electronic roadside testing for drugs that can be used effectively to carry out random and targeted checks on drivers at the roadside.

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Campaign news

Transport Select Committee publishes recommendations on tackling drink and drug driving, 02.12.10
Brake responds to the Transport Committee's inquiry on drink and drug driving, 27.08.10
Drugs Roadside Testing Bill 2010 - 2011 presented to Parliament, 05.07.10
North Report on drink and drug driving published, 16.06.10
Independent drug-drive review report submitted to Secretary of State by Sir Peter North, 21.05.10
Brake DCE Cathy Keeler meets Sir Peter North and independent drug-drive review team, 18.02.10
Independent review of drug driving by Sir Peter North announced by Government, Brake reaction, and terms of reference, 03.12.09
Brake CE Mary Williams OBE comment on the devastation caused by drink and drug drivers and the necessary solutions to it, 23.11.09
Road Safety Week survey shows more than one in four young people admit to being a drink or drug driver or a passenger with one, 23-24.11.09
Brake calls on drivers to drive sober, and Government to take urgent action in Road Safety Week 'Not a Drop; Not a Drag' campaign, 23.11.09
Brake response to Department for Transport consultation on road safety compliance, 28.02.09
Department for Transport consultation on road safety compliance, including drug driving, closes 28.02.09
Brake holds conference on drink and drug driving, 12.05.05


[1]Tunbridge, RJ; Keigan, M; James, FJ, The incidence of drugs and alcohol in road accident fatalities, TRL report 495 (TRL, 2001)

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