CAMCrackdownhashRoad deaths and injuries cause utter devastation to families and communities. Yet drivers who kill, harm and endanger are often let off with grossly inadequate penalties, compounding the suffering of bereaved and injured victims and leaving many feeling betrayed by the justice system. Almost half of drivers convicted of killing are not jailed; only one in seven is sentenced to five years or more.

Crimes that can and do lead to death and injury – like speeding and mobile phone use at the wheel – can be effectively deterred through strong enforcement and penalties. Yet traffic policing numbers are decreasing, and penalties for these crimes remain woefully low.

Get the facts on criminal charges following a road death or serious injury.

What needs to be done?

We call for tougher charges and penalties for driving offences, to appropriately reflect the suffering caused, provide desperately needed justice for victim families, and deter risky driving behaviour.

In the case of deaths or injuries, this means: revised charges to stop drivers being let off on lesser 'careless' driving charges; much stiffer penalties for hit and run and disqualified drivers; and stronger sentencing guidelines, allowing judges to hand out maximum sentences in the most serious cases.

We also need tougher penalties for drivers who endanger through risky driving behaviour – such as speeding and mobile phone use – to send a message that these are serious crimes, deter risky drivers and protect the public. Law-breaking drivers must also know they will be caught, which means we need more dedicated traffic police to stop them.

Find out more about our calls on charges and penalties and UK traffic policing levels.

What can I do?

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Campaign news

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