Spotlight on...

At Brake we are proud to have some incredible volunteers. We are hugely in awe of their amazing support for us, and we want everyone to recognise how valuable and important volunteering is. Here we have selected a volunteer to spotlight, explaining a little bit about why they support Brake and how they’ve helped us. 

This time we’d like to say thank you to Janet Garland.Janet Garland spotlight

We have chosen to spotlight Janet today to recognise and acknowledge how the regular, small contributions are just as important to us as large one-off events.

Janet, who has supported Brake since 2013, is a huge testament to this, as she regularly gets involved in our smaller projects – and of course, every penny counts and the pennies soon add up!

Janet supports Brake in memory of her son, Erik, who was killed while on his motorbike in March 2012, aged just 25. Over the years, Janet has proved such a support to Brake and we are so grateful to her regular responses to our requests for help.

Helping us promote events
A few years ago Janet saw that we were looking for parachutists to fundraise for Brake and, as she couldn’t do it herself, she spread the word and persuaded a work colleague to parachute jump instead – they raised £520.

Janet has regularly been collecting loose change for Brake. Last year she joined us and signed up to our #MoneyBoxChallenge, pledging to collect £2.50 in loose change for Brake – she’s so far raised £170.

Bake for Brake
Again, persuading colleagues and friends to join her, Janet has, this month, organised a Bake for Brake, raising over £400.

Being a Brake Representative
Being a Yorkshire-based charity, it's often hard for us to visit local events around the UK to say thank you to our hard-working fundraisers, to attend cheque presentations etc. It's wonderful therefore when it's an event local to Janet, as we're able to call upon her to help us. She is always happy to don her charity t-shirt and be our representative.

Thank you Janet for all your support; and thinking of you all this month, on Erik's anniversary.Erik Garland

We understand and recognise that people have busy lives and don’t always have the time to commit to organising big fundraising events for us. But if you, like Janet, could join us, even in some small way, we’d be so grateful to have your support.

Why not organise a cake sale at work and Bake for Brake, or collect loose change at home for our #MoneyBoxChallenge?