Spotlight On

At Brake we are proud to have some incredible volunteers.   We are hugely in awe of their amazing support for us and we want everyone recognise how valuable and important volunteering is.

Here we have selected a volunteer to spotlight; explaining a little bit about why they support Brake and how they’ve helped us. 

Thank you to Jane Marsh.

Kelly Marsh was just 20 years when, in November 2005, she was killed in a road crash caused by a young driver who had been drinking alcohol.  TheJane Marsh driver lost control of her car on a bend, hit the nearside verge and the car was flung across the bend sideways on, crashing into a tree on the far side. Kelly was in the passenger side, which took the full impact.

Mum, Jane, devastated by Kelly’s death, has been a volunteer for Brake for over 10 years working alongside us to help prevent future needless deaths from happening. 

Jane has support us in numerous ways, including

Media - Jane has worked alongside Brake in many occasions calling on all young drivers to drive sober, slow and secure, hoping to prevent more devastating crashes.  She regularly speaks to journalists and does radio interviews on our behalf helping educating on the dangers of drinking and driving. 

Fundraising – A few years Jane organised a celebrity auction. She contacted celebrities across the world asking for memorabilia that she could auction.  The fabulous ebay auction, which included a JK Rowling signed scroll, a pair of Amanda Holden’s knickers and a signed David Tenant Shakespeare theatre programme, raised over £1,500 for Brake.

Educating – On numerous occasions Jane has been into schools and spoken in assemblies and as part of PHSE lessons educating young drivers on the hazards and risks faced on our roads.

Awareness Raising – Jane has attended companies to speak about Brake and the work that we do. She recently attended the DHL Officers to talk to staff about to embark on a UK wide Cycle Ride – enthusing them on the importance of their fundraising and how important their sponsorship money is to Brake.

In 2012 Jane was awarded Brake's Volunteer of the Year Award to thank her for her work for us.   This month's spotlight is recognition that the thanks are still ongoing.  We truly value your support always, thank you Jane.

Brake are always looking for people to work alongside us and help raise road safety awareness.   If you would like to volunteer for Brake, please click here to find out more or ring Lisa on 01484 683294.