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At Brake we are proud to have some incredible volunteers. We are hugely in awe of their amazing support for us, and we want everyone recognise how valuable and important volunteering is.

Here we have selected a volunteer to spotlight, explaining a little bit about why they support Brake and how they’ve helped us. 

Thank you to Glenys.LULU1

In May 2015, Gleny’s daughter, Louiza Covey, known as Lulu to family and friends, was tragically killed when they were driving along a country road in foggy conditions. A car driving in the opposite direction attempted to overtake, resulting in a head-on crash. Lulu died instantly. 

The youngest of three sisters, Lulu was part of a very close family. The crash completely devastated their lives.

After a traumatic year of inquests and investigations, Glenys, daughters Vicky and Lisa, husband Dave, and family and friends, decided to organise a fundraising event in memory of Lulu, not just to raise money, but to celebrate Lulu’s life. 

Glenys explains, “We all have such loving memories of Lulu, the girl who will be eternally happy. Everyone she ever met, regardless of age, was drawn to her. We wanted to make the event something Lulu would have liked for her and her friends.”

So, the event was called “Lulu's Spice Nite” because of Lulu’s love for the curry. There were many delicious curries for attendees to eat, as well as other things she would have enjoyed, such as a disco, bar and bouncy castle.LuLU2

The event was a huge success, with everybody getting involved raising a fantastic £7,000 for two charities – Brake and the Wormwood Scrubs Horse and Pony Centre. 

In addition to this, the “Lulu Covey Horse Fund” has recently been set up by Martin and Philippa Clunes and their daughter Emily in Lulu's memory, to raise even more money for charities. Lulu was the much-loved groom of the Clunes family.

The photo (right) is of Martin Clunes handing out the prize to the highest bidder of the auction bid for "two walk-on parts on the television programme Doc Martin". 

Thank you to Glenys and everybody who had a part in this fabulous event.

Brake is always looking for people to work alongside us and help raise road safety awareness. If you would like to volunteer for Brake, please click here to find out more, or ring Lisa on 01484 683294.