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At Brake we are proud to have some incredible volunteers. We are hugely in awe of their amazing support for us, and we want everyone to recognise how valuable and important volunteering is. Here we have selected a volunteer to spotlight, explaining a little bit about why they support Brake and how they’ve helped us. 

This time however we’d like to say thank you to a group of volunteers, our London Marathon runners.  Thank you for your hard work and commitment, not only fundraising for us, but also the hours training.  All chose to enter the London Marathon for very different personal reasons, read their stories below.

Thanks to Kathryn
In 2010 Kathryn’s mum and dad, Duncan and Annelise Storrar were killed when the car they were travelling in was hit by LM Kathryn Storraranother vehicle. Kathryn says “Anyone who knew our parents knew how wonderful they both were. A couple that were so full of love, both to each other and to everyone else that had a place in their hearts, they touched so many lives.”

Thanks to Tony
Tony is a regular fundraiser for Brake, raising money in memory of 14 year old Kaine May, who was tragically killed in May 2011 whilst on his way to a fun fair with friends. Kaine would have been 21 years this year and Tony has made a promise to keep Kaine's Memory alive forever.   Tony’s marathon story is slightly different in that this isn’t his main fundraiser.   In July Tony will be taking part in IRONMAN, which is a 2.4 mile swim, straight onto the Bike for 112 mile cycle and then straight into a full marathon.   The London Marathon was just a warm-up for his  big fundraising event!!

LM TonyThanks to Michelle
In 2014 Michelle was hit whilst on her bike and badly injured.   The injuries weren’t serious, but the incident made her all the more aware of road safety and this is why she chose to support Brake.  Michelle won a ballot places on last year’s marathon but was injured and so allowed to defer her place until this year.

Thanks to Helen
Helen lives in a small village which was affected greatly when one of their residents was killed.   Helen had already secured a ballot place in the 2017 London Marathon and so made the decision to fundraise for Brake in his memory.

Thanks to Colin
Colin is a Road Safety Officer for Kent County Council and so road crashes are something that he hears about every day. He is of course passionate about making our roads safer which is why he chose to fundraise this year for Brake – a charity he says is close to his heart.

Thanks to Claire
When Claire began her marathon training she wasn’t planning on doing it as a fundraising event.  But tragically in January Claire’s sister lost her best friend Anna in a tragic incident.  Anna was out running when she was hit by a car.  Claire says “I will be thinking of Anna throughout the race and the fact that I still have the opportunity to run and she doesn’t”.

LM Colin 
Brake do not have any places on the 2018 London Marathon, but we do have places on the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2018 and would be delighted to you join us.   All that we ask is that you raise a minimum of £400 in sponsorship.   Email to find out more, or give Lisa a ring on 01484 683294.

LM Claire