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ProVision Logo Master JPGEProVision is the leader in CameraMatics solutions for commercial fleets of all types and sizes, delivering products that allow fleet managers to reduce fleet risk, increase driver safety and comply with growing governance and compliance regulations.

Vehicle Tracking and Telematics solutions answered the challenge of improving fleet efficiencies in the last two decades. However, the world has changed to one where managing risk and meeting compliance needs presents a greater burden to fleets than ever before. Provision Fleet Solutions adds an additional, and currently missing, layer of data to fleet and driver management – that missing data is video, but ProVision goes beyond the traditional 'dumb' camera systems available today.

A new evolution in vehicle video and data was needed and ProVision has met that need with CameraMatics. This merges 4 key technologies: video input technologies, such as cameras and video-based scanners, smart processing systems, communications systems and unique algorithmic IP.

ProVision's CameraMatics technology delivers advanced, remotely-accessible IoT solutions that help protect fleets, while also increasing their efficiencies.

The foundation of the ProVision system are our vehicle camera systems comprising HD-quality front, side, rear and internal cameras with 3G/4G remotely accessible smart DVRs. But these systems can be extended with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) such as Lane Departure Warnings, Front Collision Warnings, Driver Fatigue, Smoking and Mobile Phone Use Warnings. Additionally, a 360 Degree Bird's Eye View system can be implemented to give a complete top-down view the everything around the vehicle. Unlike non-CameraMatics systems that simply warn the driver of issues, the ProVision system logs all the incidents and even alerts the fleet manager, who can then take corrective and protective measures. Finally, our software suite includes desktop and mobile apps for monitoring fleet vehicles & data, and driver apps for logging vehicle checks and reporting incidents.

This full package of data truly enhances and protects fleets like never before and it's the CameraMatics difference that makes ProVision the global leaders in fleet technology innovation.

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