Bob Russell, MP for Colchester, April 2007

april07Bob Russell, MP for Colchester
As joint chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on road safety, Bob Russell MP chaired the group’s AGM on 25 April, at which the group discussed which issues it should focus on in 2007/8. Bob has also campaigned on a wide range of road safety issues throughout April.

To recognise UN Global Road Safety Week, Bob put down an EDM calling on the Government to support the World Health Organisation’s aims in reducing road crashes across the EU. Click here to read the EDM. The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, also supported Global Road Safety Week with a speech at the UK launch. Click here to read his speech and to find out more about the event.

Bob shares Brake’s concern about the safety of in-vehicle information systems and has asked questions on this issue, including whether the Government will call for better regulation of in-vehicle information systems, and when the Department for Transport will publish the results on their recent consultation. Click here and here to read these questions and click here to read Brake’s response to the Government’s consultation.

Bob has been concerned about the dangers associated with motorised invalid vehicles for some time. He initiated an adjournment debate on the issue in 2005, in which he raised questions about insufficient regulation of these vehicles. Click here to read this debate. In April, Bob continued to raise awareness about this issue by asking questions about what action the Government intends to take regarding the use of invalid vehicles and powered scooters. Click here to read these questions.

Brake has worked with the APPG over recent months to call for improved services for road crash victims. Bob has continued Parliamentary activity on this issue by raising questions about the Victims Fund, when it will be opened up to victims of road crashes, and how much funding will be available for road crash victims. Click here to read these questions. To read more about Brake’s ‘Forgotten Victims’ campaign for better services for road crash victims, click here.

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