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Brake’s Kids Walk, previously known as Brake's Giant Walk and Walking Bus, is back!

On Wednesday 26 June 2019, more than 100,000 children, aged 4-11, will put their best feet forward to promote road safety and the health and planet-saving benefits of walking. Supervised walks will take place at or around schools and nurseries, with children walking in a crocodile formation and holding hands to promote the importance of kids being able to walk without fear or threat from traffic.



Everyone who registers will receive a free action* pack full of posters, banners, lesson plans, assembly presentations and activities.
We also have resources translated into the Welsh language.

*Pack subject to change.

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Global 5 calls to safer roads imageLike you, Brake is passionate about the safety and welfare of children. We believe it's every child's right to be able to walk in their communities without fear of traffic and pollution. But to do this, we need to make sure their journeys to school, home and shops are safe. This project aims to inspire and engage children about the dangers they face and help Brake call on grown ups to make their streets safer. We can do this by having footpaths, cycle paths, safe places to cross, slow traffic and clean traffic. We believe these 5 messages are important so we can stop the 5 children who are being killed or hurt on our roads every single day!



Brake's Kids Walk also provides a fantastic opportunity to raise valuable funds for Brake. Take a look at Zak's fundraising page for lots of fun ideas on how your school can get involved. From running a Wear Your Stripes Day to baking delicious treats to sell to parents.

You could also run your Kids Walk as a sponsored walk using the sponsorship form in the action pack.

If you aren't able to fundraise, a donation to cover the cost of your resources would be greatly appreciated.

As a charity we rely heavily on fundraising and donations to aid our work in supporting road crash victims and campaigning for safer roads.

For more information email, call the team on 01484 550061, or check out our teaching road safety guide.


If you would like to receive information about other opportunities and events please sign up at our preference centre


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A huge thank you to this year's Kids Walk sponsorOcado foundation

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