The Brake mascot – Zak the Zebra


As well as campaigning nationally for all our communities to slow down to 20mph, Brake and our mascot Zak the Zebra provide help to communities wanting to take action for safer streets. Zak teams up with schools, groups, councillors and MPs to campaign for 20mph limits, enforcement, pavements, paths and crossings, and to call on drivers to slow down.

Get in touch with Brake and we'll email you advice and may be able to arrange for Zak to visit and generate publicity for your campaign (by loaning you Zak for your demonstration, event or Brake fundraiser, and sending a press release to your local media to invite them along).



For further advice on campaigning for road safety issues and how you can get involved, visit Brake’s campaign pages

For further advice on how to organise and deliver a successful road safety event in your local community have a look at the Slow Down Days: a toolkit for organisers. Produced by the World Health Organisation (WHO), with the support of the 20s Plenty for Us Campaign, the toolkit offers step-by-step guidance and best-practice suggestions on how to run an effective road safety event that engages with local and national officials, the media and the wider public.




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