Campaign in your community

zaklogoAre you concerned traffic in your area is putting people in danger, frightening families, and stopping people from walking and cycling freely? Is there a need for lower speeds and better pavements, paths and crossings? Has someone already been hurt and you want to take action to stop it happening again?

Brake and our mascot, Zak the Zebra, are here to help. As well as campaigning nationally for all our communities to 'GO 20', Brake and Zak provide help to communities wanting to take action for safer streets. Zak teams up with schools, groups, councillors and MPs to campaign for 20 limits, enforcement, pavements, paths and crossings, and to call on drivers to slow down.

So if you want to campaign locally or are already campaigning, get in touch here. We'll email you advice and may be able to arrange for Zak to visit and generate publicity for your campaign (by loaning you Zak for your demonstration, event or Brake fundraiser, and sending a press release to your local media to invite them along).

zakcampaigningRead on for advice and resources to help you campaign locally for safer streets:

Tell Zak about your campaign and invite him over!

Zak's campaign poster

Zak's top travel tips for families   

Read about and back Brake's national GO 20 campaign