Introducing Brake Fest 

A new fundraising event coming this summer!

brake fest 2019

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We are looking for inspiring Brake supporters across the UK to organise fundraising events showcasing local talent, bringing the community together to raise money towards preventing future road death and injury on our roads.

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Participants can organise a gig, concert, comedy night, dance show, open mic night, busk or simply organise to have a bucket collection at a pre-arranged event.

We will promote ALL Brake Fest events to our social media followers and to local press to help you boost your attendance raise as much as you can! We also have a section on this page to see what events are in your area.

Whether you’re a band wanting to organise a gig, go busking, or a theatre or dance group willing to put on a performance, get in touch and join Brake Fest this summer!


What is Brake Fest?

Brake Fest is a national festival which encourages supporters across the UK to organise a fundraising event over the summer 2019

Events can be gigs, a concert, comedy night, dance show, open mic night, busk or simply organise to have a bucket collection at a pre-arranged event!

To get started, simply register your event here

Where can my event take place?

Anywhere in the UK (within reason!), it is up to you for find a venue/location for your event.

How do I register?

Click here to register your event! 

We’ll then be in touch to confirm details with you!

Alternatively you can email and one of our team will be in touch with you

What resources will I receive?

Once you have let us know a little more about your event, we’ll provide you with a Brake Fest pack which includes;

  • Stickers
  • Balloons
  • Bucket Stickers
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Brake Fest e-poster
  • Brake Fest social media flyer
  • Brake t-shirt
  • A Press Release template
We will also be happy to provide you with headed letter confirming your event details to show to venues/suppliers.

Will you help promote my event?

Yes! We will promote all fundraising Brake Fest events on Facebook, twitter and you will be put on our virtual line up! Make sure you give us details of your event and how people can get involved. 

When you register, we will also provide a blank poster and social media banner which you can use to share your event on Facebook and Twitter, and a press release template to help promote your event with local media.

Do I need a licence to Busk?

Many local councils encourage busking and do not require a licence. However, there are different rules, regulations and code of conduct policies in place depending on where in the country you are. 

You may need a street collection licence to collect money on the street. 

Click here to collect your local councils rules Street Collections
Click here to see your local councils rules on Busking

Does my event have to be the summer?

Whilst we encourage events to happen over the summer to coincide with UK festival season, it is perfectly fine to hold your event anytime throughout the year.

Where do I send photos from my event?

You can use #BrakeFest or email them to

How can I fundraise?

There are many ways you can fundraise at your Brake Fest event. The simplest way to raise money is to have a bucket on the door or in front of you as you busk. You may want to hold a raffle at your event to raise additional funds.

For bigger events you could sell tickets to raise money, ask the venue if you can have a percentage of the bar takings or run the cloakroom charging a small amount per item on the night to boost your total!

When you register, an online JustGiving fundraising page will automatically be created, which can be shared to friends and family to boost your fundraising efforts! You can set up a Brake Fest fundraising page at any time by clicking this link

Do I have to organise my own event?

There are plenty of ways to get involved with Brake fest -  A good idea could be to piggyback on other events like open mic nights or comedy night or see if you can have a bucket on the door of an event you already have planned.

Why not take a look at our Virtual Line up and see if there is an event happening near you to support?

Is it all about music?

No – we encourage people to hold all sorts of performance events such as plays, shows, comedy nights or any other entertainment as part of Brake Fest.

I need Public Liability Insurance, can Brake help?

Brake are happy to point you in the right direction, but Brake is not responsible for your event. 

You are responsible for obtaining any licenses required for your event. You will also be responsible for carrying out any health and safety risk assessment for your event (if required) and ensuring that all participants are fully briefed and adequately supervised.

I have raised money at my event, how do I get donations to you?


The best ways to get money to Brake is; 

Online at

Make an online bank transfer (we can provide our details)

You can send a cheque made payable to 'Brake' to Brake, the road safety charity, PO Box 548, Huddersfield, HD1 2XZ

Over the phone by credit or debit card on 01484 559909

If you have any queries you can email

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