Beep Beep! Days 2016 - what happened

In 2016 more than 240,000 children aged 2-7 registered to take part in road safety activities and raised valuable funds for Brake's work too. Beep Beep! Days took place on 9 March, 13 July and 23 November 2016, during Road Safety Week 2016. Click here to register now or find out the dates for 2017. You can email for more information and to find out tips for your Beep Beep! Day.



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The whole nursery got involved in First Steps Nursery’s Beep Beep! Day. From the babies learning about the different colours such as red means stop and green means go, to the pre-school aged children making their own cars, all of the little ones were informed about how to be safe near roads. Everyone had lots of fun running around outside too, pretending to lollipop people and telling each other when to “stop” and “go”! They even had a working traffic light to understand when adults must stop for children and wore bright clothes to raise money for Brake.

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The fundraising efforts of Westfield School Junior House, in Newcastle, were fantastic, with children and staff raising an amazing £300 for Brake. The event was supported by a local traffic police officer who came and gave talks and interacted with the children promoting road safety. The younger children combined their Beep Beep! Day with other activities, such as outdoor role play, practicing holding hands and learning the Green Cross Code. Some of the Year 6 pupils organised a “Whacky Wednesday” theme to help the fundraising efforts too. In total 42 children participated throughout the school - helping reinforce those important road safety messages. 

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More than 50 children took part in Beecroft Academy’s Beep Beep! Day in Dunstable. They had lots of fun making traffic light biscuits and using the colouring sheets and resources from the e-pack.
The children practised crossing the road safely with adults and learned about the importance of keeping away from traffic. They also looked at the roles of traffic lights and a lollipop person. Beecroft Academy raised a fantastic £53 for Brake.



Suzanne Preston from Corby Borough Council ran a fantastic day at Weldon Pre-School. The children talked about road safety, reinforcing the key messages about how to keep safe when near roads. They had lots of fun creating hand print posters to emphasise the importance of holding hands when crossing the road. Anita from Corby Police also paid a visit and brought a police van which the children loved looking at and even got to sit in! Their bumper pack gave them lots of ideas and resources for the future, supporting their programme of activities and workshops within the neighbourhood.

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In London, Packington Children’s Centre made lots of noise learning the road safety songs and singing about traffic lights. They also got their hands messy making red and green men out of dough and traffic lights out of different coloured card. They also used their creations to talk about the colour order of traffic lights and used role play in different situations, learning how important it is to be safe near roads. 



The children at Beth’s Childminding in Kent had lots of fun during their Beep Beep! Day by using Brake’s bumper resource pack. Childminder Beth used our Road Activity Poster to help the children understand the language around road safety and got them talking about the importance of holding hands while creating their very own colourful Hand Print Poster. Beth used the other activity sheets and a Zak toy to help the children understand important road safety messages and even made yummy traffic light biscuits.
Beth said: “I was really impressed with the amount of resources in the bumper pack. The activity poster was the children's favourite activity to do from the pack, which they continued to play with during the week.”



road safety 15Our bumper pack was put to good use at Little Darling Childcare in London. The children learned about road signs, traffic lights and talked about how to use these to cross the road safely. They donned their aprons to make traffic light biscuits, took part in some colouring activities and even had a puppet story. They also made a video singing the Driver Song from one of Brake’s activity cards.
Take a look at their video!  


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The children at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Merseyside ran a Beep Beep! Day alongside lots of different activities throughout Road Safety Week 2016. Each day they focused on a different Brake Pledge element and talked about the importance of each aspect. The children also had a talk from a police officer and created some road safety drawings and models in class.



IMG 0855 SmallBrake mascot Zak the Zebra visited First Class Nursery’s Beep Beep! Day in Huddersfield. He helped the children with their activity poster, identifying safety elements around the road scene. The children also did some role play, learning how to cross the road safely with one of the children dressing up as a lollypop lady. It got very messy as the children covered their hands in traffic light coloured paint to learn the importance of holding hands while around roads. To finish off, Zak gave the children stickers and certificates to take home to parents.

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