London to Paris

Wondering what it's really like? Below are some comments from people who have cycled from London to Paris to raise money Brake. They all had a fantastic time and raised thousands of pounds towards Brake's work. Thank you!

Andy Phillips
As a corporate donor to road safety charity ‘Brake’, Applied Driving Techniques in association with Inchcape Fleet Solutions took part in a London to Paris bike ride on the 5th May 2010 in order to raise further funds for the charity.

The brave volunteer, Andy Phillips from Applied Driving Techniques, experienced long days in the saddle and some strenuous hill-climbs as he connected two of the worlds most chic capital cities. 

If you’re interested in doing this event for Brake and would like to see Andy's diary of the event, email and she will happily forward it on.

london-paris1Claire Harbridge

Carole Hutchinson and Claire Harbridge cycled in memory of Claire's brother Stephen, killed on the roads. Claire says "We had an AMAZING experience that I would recommend to anyone. I have raised over £2,200 for Brake."







Russ Moggridge - Carlsberg UK

"I am still running on adrenalin - it was absolutely wonderful!"

"Because the Brake fundraising t-shirt was Yellow and the Tour De France leader wears yellow, the photographer kept getting me to thefront of the photographs - which was good publicity for Brake!"

"They were all a real brilliant bunch of people, all doing it forthe right reasons. Got to know people really well, really quickly! I had a simply wonderful time!"



london-paris3Rebecca Crawley - Volunteer

"It was great fun, extremely tiring but great fun!"

"84 charities took part! They were all a real brilliant bunch ofpeople, all doing it for the right reasons. We got to know peoplereally well, really quickly! I had a wonderful time!




london-paris4Martin Edwards - Volunteer

"It was no harder than I thought. It was a really sociable event and I really enjoyed it. I definitely want to become more involved with Brake."





london-paris5David Standard - Irwin Mitchell

"I had a super time - in fact a great time was had by all. The other cyclists on the trip were a great crowd of people and we all got on so well!"









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