Brake’s Fundraising Team

katie shephardKatie Shephard, development director

“I’m proud to work for an organisation that delivers such a diverse range of work. From our projects with primary school children to our support services for families bereaved in road crashes, I believe that the work Brake does makes a lasting difference to lives across the country.”

Katie started with Brake in 2008 as fundraising manager and joined the executive team in 2010 as development director. She manages the corporate and community fundraising teams, the professional engagement team and the community engagement team. She also works cross team to achieve the charity’s wider financial targets and grow new income streams. Before starting at Brake, Katie worked as a project manager at an education company, delivering training for healthcare professionals across the UK on behalf of the NHS.

lisa kendallLisa Kendall, community fundraising and volunteer manager

“My role involves me speaking, every day to people who have been bereaved in road crashes. I hear how not just their lives, but whole communities, have been torn apart by the devastating loss of their loved one. A loss which could have been prevented through safer driving.”

Lisa began work at Brake in 2002, initially doing just 9 hours a week helping whoever needed help. She slowly found her niche within the organisation and started looking after the volunteers and as the number of supporters increased, so did her hours. Before too long, looking after fundraisers became a natural progression and Lisa now manages the incredibly busy Community Fundraising team.

joe fentonJoe Fenton, community fundraiser

‘I’m very proud to work for Brake, it’s an honour to work with our fundraisers on a daily basis, many of whom have suffered tragic loss or injury. Their strength and selfless generosity is truly inspiring and it’s amazing to see the weird and wonderful lengths people go to, to support our cause’

Joe began working for Brake in November 2014 where he joined the Community Fundraising team. As part of his role, Joe works with volunteers across the UK to coordinate a range of community events to generate vital funds for the charity work. Joe also works closely with companies, schools and bereaved individuals, helping them to undertake fundraising and road safety awareness-raising projects.

richard coteauRichard Coteau, corporate fundraising manager

“Companies have an opportunity to make a real difference in road safety through partnering with Brake. I’m proud that we work with such a diverse range of organisations who share our passion for road safety, and through their generosity we are able to campaign for safer roads while supporting people bereaved and seriously injured in road crashes”

Richard joined Brake in 2010, initially working in Brake’s professional engagement division, supporting fleets in managing their at-work road risk and engage schools and communities with road safety education events. In 2011, Richard joined Brake’s corporate fundraising division. As corporate fundraising manager, Richard is responsible for overseeing all of the projects Brake runs in partnership with its corporate supporters, from helping fleet operators to deliver educational presentations in schools and colleges, to working with high street brands such as Specsavers and Direct Line to run national awareness raising campaigns.

mike bristowMike Bristow, corporate fundraiser

“Managing relationships with our corporate partner’s means that I get to promote all aspects of our charity. It’s really rewarding to hear some of the fantastic ideas that come from our supporters.”

Mike joined the Corporate Fundraising team as an intern in 2014 after graduating in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Huddersfield. Mike manages a range of corporate relationships as well as encouraging new businesses to support the charity, working to ensure companies gain the most from a partnership with Brake. Mike has supported companies on a range of different activities including at-work driver training for Morrison Utility Services, supporting Churchill with the launch of their Lollipoppers initiative & acted as a media spokesperson for Asda Optician’s driver eyesight campaign.

charli brunningCharli Brunning, corporate fundraiser

“Having worked for a number of charities in the past, I am extremely happy to find myself at Brake. I am a strong advocate for sustainability and outdoor activities, and am extremely excited to be a part of the vital work that is done here to ensure our roads and communities are safer places for all; whether people are cycling to work, walking to school or running on a weekend morning.”

Charli joined Brake as the newest member of the corporate fundraising team in August 2016. Prior to this she was working with The University of Leeds Sports Development Department to lead the first Gryphons Abroad project; taking a group of University of Leeds students to rural KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, to deliver life changing workshops to secondary school children. The main aim of the project is to implement and develop a bike hub in hope of giving children more opportunity to attend secondary school, as they would cover the vast distance to school in a much quicker time.

abi smithAbi Smith, corporate fundraiser

“I joined Brake in the hope of understanding the problems on our roads and because the mission of the charity has a personal relevance to me. The issues at hand are a huge undertaking, and I’m proud to be part of a passionate team determined to make a difference.”

Abi joined Brake in mid-2016 as corporate fundraiser. With a background in retail, administration and third-sector volunteering. Abi’s role utilises all skill sets in engaging with people and initiatives, including working with corporations and developing effective partnerships with Brake, communicating all opportunities and developments within the charity. Some of the partnerships she currently manages include EDF Energy, Simpson Millar LLP and Arval.

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