We know you’re busy and that whilst you’d love to donate more time to Brake, life gets in the way.

Perhaps microvolunteering is a way that you can support us, without it taking up too much of your time. The volunteering opportunities require minimal time commitment, but will still be beneficial to Brake, especially if large numbers of volunteers choose to support us in these ways. 

Have a read.  We would welcome your support!

Sat down with your phone and got spare 5 minutes?
• Why not tweet about us, to @brakecharity, and tell your followers about Brake’s work to raise awareness about the charity.
• Email fundraise@brake.org.uk and order a home money box and collect your loose pennies for Brake
• Make Brake’s Pledge and commit to doing simple things to protect you and people around you. 
• Share Brake’s Pledge on your social media, encouraging others to sign and commit too.

Having a cuppa, got 10 minutes to spare?
• Register online with www.easyfundraising.org.uk and everytime you buy something online, Brake benefit, without it costing you a penny!
• Have a browse of the Brake shop to order some great gifts and products and support Brake’s cause.  
• Have a look through Brake’s fab fundraising ideas and promote one to friends and family through social media. 
• Have a read of our latest campaigns and help promote them by sharing them through your social media pages.

Twiddling your thumbs for 30 minutes?
• Put a collection tin in your local shop.  Email your address to fundraise@brake.org.uk and how you’ll use it and we’ll send one out in the post. 
• Email your MP about a specific road safety issue. 
• Print and share a poster to raise awareness about Brake and encourage others to support our cause and stay safe on the roads 
• Persuade your local nursery, childminder or primary school to take part in Brake's Kids Walk or Beep Beep! Day. It’s a great road safety awareness opportunity for your local children. 

Waiting around?  Got a spare hour on your hands?
• Set to and organise a coffee morning to raise valuable funds for Brake. All you need is willing bakers, a venue (your office, village hall etc) and hungry people! 
• Have a read of Brake’s blog.  Why not write your own blog for us?  Email it to admin@brake.org.uk 
• Why not leaflet drop this letter from a bereaved mother around your community.

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