Every penny counts!

Brake Donation Box

Help us save lives by saving pennies! Order one or more free collection boxes from Brake. You can use it...

In your home for your loose change.

At work. Keep it on your desk and ask for donations in return for biscuits!

In a local shop or cafe or pub. Team up with a shopkeeper and ask them to store it safely but in a prominent position so people can easily stick their loose change in it.

In a supermarket or shopping centre. Ask if you can collect at the exit door. Often shops allow this.

At your road safety exhibition stand! Why not set up a stand at a community event such as a village fete or town show, giving out road safety advice? We can give you tips and ideas about how to make your stand a success and fundraise successfully from it.

moneyboxchallenge smallWhy not commit to fundraising for Brake and join us for our #moneyboxchallenge. 
In memory of those lives lost, Brake is hoping to raise £1,775 through our #moneyboxchallenge in the next 12 months. We are asking supporters to order a MoneyBox and pledge to raise a minimum of £2.50 in loose change, and then donate the coins to us.  

Want to do it? Call Lisa on 01484 683294 or email fundraise@brake.org.uk now for your collection tin and more ideas about how to use it effectively! Then donate the funds you raise using the button at the top of this website or by calling 01484 559909 to pay by credit card over the phone or send by cheque to PO Box 548, Huddersfield, HD1 2XZ.

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