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Bake for Brake!

Do you know your choux from your filo? Are you a whiz with a whisk? Or do you just really love eating cake? Whatever your reason - we are looking for offices, schools and individuals to grab their aprons and hold a Bake for Brake fundraiser!


Get in touch and we’ll send you our FREE fundraising pack filled with lots of resources to help including Bake for Brake posters, balloons, leaflets, tips and inspirational fundraising ideas to make sure your event really takes off! Plus, we'll send you our downloadable e-pack filled with more ideas and inspiration, games and posters.

Call us on 01484 810457 or send an email to to register your event and to receive your free Bake for Brake fundraising pack!


Bake Off! Why not hold a pay-to-enter baking competition for your friends or colleagues? Pick a judge – perhaps a local dignitary or your boss – to vote on which is the best. You can set categories, eg ‘best decorated’ or ‘most tasty’!

Not sure what to make? Here are two easy road safety themed recipes to follow:

Traffic-Light Biscuits
Road Safety Cup Cakes


Want to do it? Call us on 01484 810459, email to

If you don't need any help, just donate the funds you raise from your event using the button at the top of this website, by calling 01484 559909 to pay by credit card over the phone, or send by cheque to PO Box 548, Huddersfield, HD1 2XZ.

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Big hearted marriages


Congratulations! Many couples feel they already have most of the things they need for married life … so instead, why not offer guests the chance to donate to great cause?

Brake has had several supporters raise funds for the charity at their weddings. You can either ask for donations instead of wedding gifts, or make a donation in place of buying gifts for guests, presenting guests instead with scrolls explaining where the money is going.

If you want to fundraise for Brake at your wedding, create a fundraising webpage at and give guests your web address in your invitations. Guests can also leave a personal message on the page.

To discuss your wedding fundraising plans, contact Joe on 01484 550060 or

Check out other fundraising ideason our fundraising page.

Cycling in Vietnam

If you have ever wanted to take part in an exhilarating challenge for a charity, now is your chance. Brake is looking for adventurous volunteers to cycle in Vietnam, taking in some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. This is one of the most popular overseas cycling adventures. Don’t miss out!

Prepare to be overwhelmed by Vietnam’s natural contrasting beauty - from the patchwork of bright green rice paddy fields to the rugged mountains and white sandy beaches. For those of you in search of a challenge of a lifetime, Vietnam won’t fail to leave an indelible mark on you, providing you with memories that will last forever.

How fit do I need to be? You don’t need to be an athlete, however you need to undertake a good level of training to get the very best out of the challenge. We will provide you with a comprehensive training plan to help you prepare for the trip.

What do I need to bring? No specialist kit is required. All your luggage will be carried separately in one of the support vehicles, you must need a bum bag to carry those essentials like sun tan lotion and a camera!

What’s the food like? You’ll enjoy traditional Vietnamese cuisine along with delicious rice and noodle dishes with fish and chicken.

How much do I have to raise? You raise a minimum £3500 sponsorship, which includes donation to Brake and covers the cost of your trip, including food (except 3 meals); travel, accommodation; 21-gear bike; water, refreshments on cycling days, mechanics; guides; a doctor and medical supplies.

Next available date:
9th November 2014

Want to do it? Call Lisa on 01484 683294 or complete a short online form to find out more.

Want to know more?
Photos of our fundraisers on facebook 
Tips on raising sponsorship 

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Every penny counts!

Brake Donation Box

Help us save lives by saving pennies! Order one or more free collection boxes from Brake. You can use it...

In your home for your loose change.

At work.Keep it on your desk and ask for donations in return for biscuits!

In a local shop or cafe or pub. Team up with a shopkeeper and ask them to store it safely but in a prominent position so people can easily stick their loose change in it.

In a supermarket or shopping centre. Ask if you can collect at the exit door. Often shops allow this.

At your road safety exhibition stand! Why not set up a stand at a community event such as a village fete or town show, giving out road safety advice? We can give you tips and ideas about how to make your stand a success and fundraise successfully from it.

moneyboxchallenge smallWhy not commit to fundraising for Brake and join us for our #moneyboxchallenge. 
In memory of those lives lost, Brake is hoping to raise £1,775 through our#moneyboxchallengein the next 12 months. We are asking supporters to order a MoneyBox and pledge to raise a minimum of £2.50 in loose change, and then donate the coins to us.  

Want to do it? Call Lisa on 01484 683294 or email now for your collection tin and more ideas about how to use it effectively! Then donate the funds you raise using the button at the top of this website or by calling 01484 559909 to pay by credit card over the phone or send by cheque to PO Box 548, Huddersfield, HD1 2XZ.

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London to Paris

Wondering what it's really like? Below are some comments from people who have cycled from London to Paris to raise money Brake. They all had a fantastic time and raised thousands of pounds towards Brake's work. Thank you!

Andy Phillips
As a corporate donor to road safety charity ‘Brake’, Applied Driving Techniques in association with Inchcape Fleet Solutions took part in a London to Paris bike ride on the 5th May 2010 in order to raise further funds for the charity.

The brave volunteer, Andy Phillips from Applied Driving Techniques, experienced long days in the saddle and some strenuous hill-climbs as he connected two of the worlds most chic capital cities. 

If you’re interested in doing this event for Brake and would like to see Andy's diary of the event, email and she will happily forward it on.

london-paris1Claire Harbridge

Carole Hutchinson and Claire Harbridge cycled in memory of Claire's brother Stephen, killed on the roads. Claire says "We had an AMAZING experience that I would recommend to anyone. I have raised over £2,200 for Brake."







Russ Moggridge - Carlsberg UK

"I am still running on adrenalin - it was absolutely wonderful!"

"Because the Brake fundraising t-shirt was Yellow and the Tour De France leader wears yellow, the photographer kept getting me to thefront of the photographs - which was good publicity for Brake!"

"They were all a real brilliant bunch of people, all doing it forthe right reasons. Got to know people really well, really quickly! I had a simply wonderful time!"



london-paris3Rebecca Crawley - Volunteer

"It was great fun, extremely tiring but great fun!"

"84 charities took part! They were all a real brilliant bunch ofpeople, all doing it for the right reasons. We got to know peoplereally well, really quickly! I had a wonderful time!




london-paris4Martin Edwards - Volunteer

"It was no harder than I thought. It was a really sociable event and I really enjoyed it. I definitely want to become more involved with Brake."





london-paris5David Standard - Irwin Mitchell

"I had a super time - in fact a great time was had by all. The other cyclists on the trip were a great crowd of people and we all got on so well!"