Take the Plunge

Can you help Brake save lives and support bereaved and injured families?

Follow the link below for great ways to pass the time while you're staying safe at home - helping our vital work supporting people affected by road death and serious injury and campaigning for safe and healthy mobility for all.

Fundraise from home

Take the plunge for Brake to raise awareness and funds for Brake's campaigns and services for road crash victims.

However you choose to get involved, we will provide you with a fundraising pack with all the resources you need raise as much as possible! Also check out these top tips for raising sponsorship money.

No events in your area or have another great idea? Call us on 01484 683294 or complete our enquiry form to speak to one of the team.

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Take a look at our adrenaline-fuelled events below!
Parachute jump
Zip slide
Wing walking
Parachuting for Brake

When is it? Almost every day of the year! 

Where is it? Anywhere in the UK

What is it? A tandem skydive, so you will be securely attached to a professional - jump, with them, from an airplane at 10,000ft and after the initial whirlwind of free-falling, the parachute opens and you will float slowly down to safe landing.

How much does it cost? There is a registration fee to pay (usually about £50) and we ask for a minimum of £400 sponsorship.

How do I get involved? Call Lisa on 01484 683294 or enquire here.

                                        Zip Slide Events

The World’s Fastest Zip Slide

When is it? Our group event is on Saturday 24th April 2021, however we also have individual places on any dates throughout the year.

Where is it? Penrhyn Quarry, North Wales.

What is it? Want to do something truly exhilarating and adrenaline-filled? Why not zip down Europe's longest and the World's fastest Zip Slide at an incredible 120mph? Plus, you'll have breath-taking views over the Penrhyn Quarry to take in as you zip! See a video of the challenge here!  

How much does it cost? There is a £25 registration fee and we ask for a minimum of £150 sponsorship.

How do I get involved? We have 20 places available.   Call Lisa on 01484 683294 or enquire here.
           Wing Walking Events
Wing Walk Experience

When is it? 2021 dates available upon request. 

Where is it? Cirencester, Gloucestershire. 

What is it? Experience the thrill of a wing walking ride from a private aerodrome. Normally, you would fly inside the plane rather than actually on it, but Wing Walking involves you being securely strapped whilst stood on the wings of a bi-plane as it takes to the skies for a 10-minute flight, at speeds of up to 130mph!

How much does it cost? We ask that you raise a minimum of £1,000 to take part in this event. This covers the cost of the challenge (£435) and raises an additional £565 towards Brake's life-saving work. There is a £50 registration fee payable at the time of booking, but this can be recouped once you have raised your minimum target.

How do I get involved? Call Lisa on 01484 683294, enquire here or sign up here

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