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Projects for schools

Raise awareness of key road safety issues with our projects for children and young people of all ages. Brake can provide you with everything you need to run exciting, engaging projects for children and young people of all ages.

Every year, thousands of schools, nurseries, colleges, community groups and organisations work together during the UK's biggest road safety event, raising awareness about road safety and helping save lives.

Road Safety Week is a great opportunity to:

  • run road safety lessons and assemblies
  • launch a campaign for safe local streets
  • share important messages with parents and carers and the wider community.

Fundraising for Brake helps us campaign for safe roads and support road crash victims. As well as supporting a worthwhile cause, fundraising also helps children and young people understand the concept of helping others and empathise with those less fortunate than themselves.

Children campaigning Brake Kids Walk 2

Want to make streets in your area safe for local people, and prevent needless deaths and injuries?

Everyone has a right to be able to use roads without fear or threat. You can make a big difference by getting together with others and shouting loud and proud about road safety.

Getting improvements for your town or village and helping local people to use roads safely may take time, but it's amazing what can be achieved – and there are lots of examples of communities making big improvements, reducing casualties, and enjoying the benefits of safe streets.