Youth for Brake aims to:

  • Give young people knowledge, skills and confidence to be active in their community
  • Enable young people to lead campaigns and engage with their peers about road safety
  • Inspire young people to engage with Brake's work and raise awareness of the dangers of transport to people's safety

It's their voice. Their campaign. It's their action that gets results.

How it works

Young people work in teams to run local safety and sustainable transport campaigns in their community that save lives and save the planet.

Youth for Brake committees...

  • Promote health, safety or citizenship issues
  • Run youth-led campaigns that engage the local community
  • Raise concerns about risks on their roads, traffic pollution and the lack of safe places to walk and cycle

Interested in taking part?

We'd love to hear from you. To find out more email

Y4 B Warwickshire George Elliot School Boy in front of group