Walking and cycling

Smart drivers are bike smart

Being a smart driver is not just about having the latest gadgets and being skilled at parallel parking. Smart drivers are responsible and considerate of other road users, particularly those traveling on two wheels. Brake produced a short, animated film to show how taking a few simple steps to be Bike Smart will make you a much smarter driver, and will help make roads much safer for those on two wheels.

We love to cycle

Kids love to cycle because it’s fun. Cycling is good for their bodies and good for the planet too. Brake produced a short, animated film for primary schoolchildren to show the benefits of cycling and how to stay as safe as possible when riding a bike.



Speed matters with Maddie Moate

Schoolchildren talk to children’s TV presenter Maddie Moate about key aspects of road safety. In keeping with the Speed Down Save Lives theme of this year’s Road Safety Week, there is a particular emphasis on speed. The film explains how and why children view roads differently and why it is so important for drivers to keep their speed down in places where people live. It gives a simple introduction to kinetic energy and stopping distances, and ends with the children talking about what they would like grown-ups to do to help keep them safe near roads.

No need to speed

This fun animation uses the science of speed and the physics of road crashes to explain why it’s important for drivers to keep within speed limits. TRL’s Richard Cuerden explains that the majority of people who speed are normal people on normal journeys. They don’t speed everywhere and they wouldn’t describe themselves as dangerous drivers, but collectively they increase the risk of crashes on our roads and increase the risk of someone we love being involved in a road crash.

The Science of Speed with Nanogirl

Dr Michelle Dickinson – aka NANOGIRL – explains stopping distances and why it’s important to #SlowDown for New Zealand Road Safety Week 2017.


Traffic in communities

Playing out

Playing Out has developed a model where neighbours close their street to traffic for a couple of hours, creating a safe space forchildren to play out.

Find out more and view their films at http://playingout.net/inspiration-ideas/exhibitionsprojects/hartcliffe-safer-streets-films-event/

20mph speed limits

A selection of videos about 20mph speed limits is available on the 20s Plenty for Us website at www.20splenty.org/our_videos

GO SLOW Avril’s Story


Avril Child's daughter Sarah was killed by a speeding driver. In this video she talks about what happened and explains why she wants drivers to pledge to drive more slowly.


Vehicle technology

Fitting #SafetyAsStandard: Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA)

A five-minute film from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) making the case for making overridable Intelligent Speed Assistance a standard feature on all new vehicles in Europe.


Transport research

The future of transport


Professor Nick Reed, Academy Director at TRL looks towards a future of the transport network that is safer, cleaner, more efficient and accessible for all.

Healthy mobility


TRL’s Chief Scientist’s share their thoughts on healthy mobility and the need for cleaner and safer transport solutions in the future.

The future of UK infrastructure


TRL’s Chief Scientist’s share their thoughts on the future of our UK infrastructure and how it will need be tailored to accommodate changes in transport.

How is technology shaping future transport


TRL’s Chief Scientists reflect on how technology is transforming the mobility landscape and consider the future challenges that it will present.


Global road safety

Save Kids Lives – a film by Luc Besson

According to World Health Organisation figures, 500 children are killed each day in road crashes globally. In a bid to raise awareness of this road safety crisis, Jean Todt, President of the FIA, the international motoring federation, and Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Road Safety, turned to world renowned film director Luc Besson to deliver a potent visual message highlighting the dangers facing children around the world!


Produced by the FIA Foundation for UN Road Safety Week 2017,this film talks about the dangers of speeding traffic, the effectiveness of measures that have been introduced to create safe paths and crossing places and to reduce driver speed. It also covers how people can become advocates for road safety.