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Shout out for safety and sustainability in the workplace

Many road deaths involve a vehicle being driven for work and vehicles driven for work also cause extensive pollution.

Dangerous driving behaviour is one of the biggest causes of road crashes. Driving is the most dangerous thing that many people do at work.

Everyone can be a champion for road safety in the workplace. You can shout out for safety and sustainability where you work, or campaign for government action. We provide the tools you need to manage road risk in your workplace, whatever your budget, size or vehicle type.

All organisations that employ people who drive for work should adopt a road safety culture backed up by policies, procedures and effective driver training and education – to manage the risks associated with driver behaviour and keep their drivers, vehicles and other road users as safe as possible.

If you employ people who drive for work, you can play a vital role in reducing road crashes and making journeys safer and healthier for everyone, while improving your reputation and reducing costs.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Introduce robust policies and procedures to manage work-related road risk.
  • Remind drivers to think about who they share the road with and always drive at speeds appropriate to the road conditions.
  • Choose routes that use the safest roads and avoid places where people live.
  • Monitor driver behaviour using telematics systems and run targeted training for drivers that show unsafe driving behaviours
  • Investigate the cause of all collisions and near-misses.
  • Engage staff with key road safety issues and encourage them to commit to making safe and healthy journeys.
  • Include road safety in your corporate social responsibility strategy and show that your organisation cares about staff, customers and local people.

Global Fleet Champions campaign

Global Fleet Champions is a not-for-profit global campaign to prevent crashes and reduce pollution caused by work vehicles.

Global Fleet Champions delivers:

  • Free and low-cost events for anyone interested in safe and healthy mobility for fleets
  • Resources to help any organisation manage road risk
  • Prestigious awards programmes celebrating best practice in safe and healthy mobility for fleets

Global Fleet Champions is free to join. Sign up now!