Every day
6 children
are killed or seriously injured on roads in the UK

As children get older, they use roads in different ways. These pages give simple advice on keeping children safe near roads, from birth to when they become independent road users.

Whether you are travelling on foot, by car, by bike, or with a buggy or pushchair, it's vital to keep children as safe as possible near roads. Follow the links below to find out how.

You'll also find top tips for how to follow road safety rules when on a trip or a holiday and how to ensure your child travels safely on trips organised by their school or nursery.


Brake's top tips for keeping children safe near roads

  • Children under 8 should always hold a grown up's hand when walking near roads
  • Children under 8 should always cross roads with a grown up, at a safe crossing place
  • Until they are 150cm tall, all children should sit in a correctly sized and fitted child seat when travelling by car
  • Children under 10 should not cycle on roads, they should keep to cycle paths away from motorised traffic
  • Children should always wear a helmet when cycling to protect their head if they fall off