If you care deeply about road safety issues and want to help make a difference, you can support Brake by becoming a volunteer. We have a large database of supporters that we like to keep in touch with via MyBrake and we are always looking for more people to join in.

Why we need volunteers

Brake is a humanitarian charity and people are at the centre of our cause. Volunteers are our frontline spokespeople, and you can make a huge difference by supporting our cause and sharing our campaigns.

Raise awareness

A big part of our work is lobbying for change and running campaigns to prevent road deaths and injury for all road users. We need volunteers to help share our messages within local communities and across social media. It can be as simple as sharing one of our news stories, to signing a Government petition or encouraging your friends, family and workplace to sign up Road Safety Week. Follow our blog and social media channels to keep up with the latest news and activities.

Share your experience

We also need people who can talk publicly about their own experience of a road death or injury. This is the most powerful way to raise awareness, fundraise, and help support other road victims. We work closely with the police, emergency services and family liaison officers to provide training and are often looking for volunteers to share their story as part of this. If you have a personal story you would be willing to share to support us, please get in touch with our team.

Supporting events

From time to time we seek volunteers to get involved with physical events and attend conferences, speak on our behalf to the media, or participate in fundraising activities. Use the MyBrake portal to register your interests and hear about these opportunities.

Quick wins

As well as sharing our content on social media, there are quick and easy ways to support Brake in as little as five minutes. Do your usual online shopping via www.easyfundraising.org.uk or Amazon Smile to drive donations to Brake at no extra cost to you. Got 20 minutes? You could set up a Birthday fundraiser on Facebook for a simple and effective way to fundraise with no activity or challenge required. Got an hour? Have a read of our blog or knowledge centre and get to grips with the work we do and campaigns you can support.


We are always looking for volunteers to take part in fundraising activities. Organise your own events or take on a challenge, from running a marathon to whizzing down the world's fastest zip line! Visit the fundraising pages to find out more.

Ways you can volunteer for Brake