We surveyed 2,033* car drivers about vehicle safety technology that can help prevent crashes. The survey was carried out in September 2023 by independent market research company SurveyGoo.

Key findings:

  • 41% of drivers surveyed have turned off safety features in their car such as lane-keeping assistance and reversing cameras or sensors
  • Drivers say they switch off life-saving vehicle technology because they find it annoying
  • 47% of male drivers have switched off safety features in their car compared with 35% of women
  • Only 36% of survey respondents know for certain what safety features their car has
  • 82% of drivers say the safety rating is important when buying a new vehicle.

The report highlights a worrying lack of knowledge about the latest vehicle technology, which has the potential to prevent crashes and save thousands of lives if introduced in all new vehicles.

It is clear that people want themselves, their families and their communities to be safe on the roads. It is also clear that advanced vehicle technology can play a significant role in improving road safety and prevent a great number of families and communities from needless suffering.

The report includes recommendations for the Government to look at the evidence, listen to the overwhelming call for safety, and follow Europe’s lead by making life-saving safety features mandatory for all new vehicles in Britain. There is also a call on the Government to publish its long-awaited Road Safety Strategic Framework and ensure that safety is at the heart of every decision made about the future of travel on our roads.

41 switch off safety features because they find them annoying Landscape

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