Head of Public Affairs and Campaign Communications (interim)

Every week, about 200 people are killed or catastrophically injured in road crashes, and more die from respiratory illnesses due to traffic pollution. Brake is the leading charity urgently working to stop the carnage; and helping bereaved families and injured victims through our acclaimed National Road Victim Service.

We have a vision for safe and healthy streets and an ambitious Campaign Manifesto for legislative change and government funding. We work to:

Working closely with the Chief Executive, we need a heavy-weight Head of Public Affairs for a minimum of one year who is research-driven, results-driven and has top-notch communication skills. You provide the evidence, develop the relationships and partnerships, and are the influence and voice to achieve our Manifesto and develop the charity’s statutory funding.

You will have a track-record in achieving campaign outcomes; through research-driven evidence gathering; insightful and accurate analysis; high-level government diplomacy and negotiation; stakeholder relationship building; and communications. You have a keen head for figures, complex text, analysis, written communication, and news hooks. You understand what politicians and ministers need to hear.

This is an evolved role at the charity at the heart of our friendly and expert team. To test some changes in the role, it is advertised as an interim post, but applicants seeking a permanent position should not be deterred, as we expect the role to become permanent for a successful post holder.

The role

Evidence building: Seek out evidence to support our Manifesto’s calls for change and our statutory funding needs. Use to produce powerful Campaign Reports and to develop proposals for national-level statutory funding for the charity.

Government and parliamentary liaison: Develop strategic relationships across national government departments, participating in government meetings, committees, and responding to written consultations. Maintain strong relations with existing centralised and devolved government departments already funding the charity, seeking to sustain and raise funding levels.

Stakeholder partnerships: Develop and deliver strategic and output-focussed alliances with other leading stakeholder organisations and corporations (national and international), planning joint activity to get results we all need at government level.

Communications: Direct and utilise our communication channels (PR, social media, member communications, digital content) to publicise our Campaign Reports, campaign messages and statutory-funded activity. Be the most senior media spokesperson on matters of public affairs and campaigns.

Civil society engagement: Develop methods for our network of Brake volunteers and supporters to shout out for our Campaign Manifesto through communications and action.

You will have:

How to apply

Please send your CV and a covering letter explaining why you should be considered for this role to Ross Moorlock (Chief operating officer).

Email: rmoorlock@brake.org.uk

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 7 April 2021