Our vision for roads in a safe and healthy future, where no one is killed or seriously injured on roads:

  • The spaces between buildings prioritise people above vehicles. The space lets us move, rest and meet, play and be safe and less space is needed for roads and places to park.
  • We can move between places by combining public transport, cycling and walking and we have long-distance, segregated routes for people.
  • In places where traffic and people mix, motorised vehicles travel below 20mph and are zero emission.
  • Road infrastructure is intelligent and is built for safety.
We believe that safe and healthy mobility is everyone’s human right wherever we are. No one should be killed or seriously injured on roads.

Brake advocates for a Vision Zero approach to road safety management. This approach is based on the belief that no death or serious injury is acceptable on roads and follows the principles of the Safe System, where the five pillars of the road environment work together to minimise risk.

  1. Safe roads
  2. Safe speeds
  3. Safe vehicles
  4. Safe road use
  5. Post-crash care

Brake also believes that an effective road safety system is reliant upon robust enforcement and criminal justice and that the fleet sector has a significant role to play in helping improve the safety of our roads.