You can join Brake to help us campaign for safe and healthy streets.

You can find a list of other organisations that may be able to support you after a road crash at This includes:

  • organisations that support road crash victims
  • organisations that support victims of crime
  • organisations campaigning for safe and healthy mobility
  • organisations that can help you seek expert legal help
  • organisations that provide information about treatment after serious injury
  • organisations that support people with disabilities
  • organisations that provide lists of therapists who can assess needs and provide treatment
  • Government bodies with responsibility for criminal justice and road safety
  • your political representatives.

You can contact these organisations directly using the information provided.

You can find a list of solicitor firms that specialise in personal injury cases and have signed up to Brake’s Solicitor Code of Conduct for supporting road crash victims at

Brake's National Road Victim Service can help you get the help you need from people and services in your community. Go to