Nick remembers nothing about the day of the crash, but he has been told what happened.

He was 18 years old and driving to work. Nick says that as a driver he always took unnecessary risks, never wore a seatbelt, and drove 'like a complete spectacle'. Nick knows that he was overtaking on a 60mph road but he doesn't know what speed he was travelling at.

He overtook two cars but drove into the path of a three-tonne truck travelling in the opposite direction. The head-on collision caused Nick severe, life-changing injuries, including a twisted brain stem and serious injuries to his legs. Because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt, he also had two collapsed lungs.

After the crash, Nick was in a coma for three and a half weeks, and he spent 14 months in hospital, where he had ocupational therapy, and speech and language therapy. He now lives with reduced mobility and has had one leg amputated because he was experiencing severe pain.

Before the crash, Nick was a semi-professional footballer. Now, he says, all he does is watch football on the television.

Nick is sharing his story because he doesn't want other people to go through the same mistakes he went through.

Seatbelts are nowhere near as confining as a wheelchair. And it's always better to be 10 minutes late in this world than 10 minutes early in the next.

In this short film, Nick talk to a Brake caseworker about how the crash changed his life