On 7 July 2020, Steven was driving his car along Netherfield Lane near Ollerton, where he was struck by a concrete rock which fell from a load on a lorry, through his windscreen. The 20cm slab weighed 8.5kg and killed him instantly. He was 60 years old. His wife, and his two grandchildren, were in the car with him that day. They were driving home after a day of strawberry picking.

Steven’s daughter Rebecca remembers the harrowing news she received from her mother, who was grief stricken and traumatised.

The crash had a dual impact on the family. Not only did Steven’s death cause a huge hole to open in the close family, but it caused a significant amount of trauma for Steven’s wife, as well as the grandchildren in the car, who are Rebecca’s niece and nephew. Aged four at the time, Rebecca’s niece talks about the crash every day and has a fear of loud bangs and fireworks.

Nothing prepares you for the sudden death of a loved one. Four grandchildren have to live without a loving grandfather, who was a shining light in their life. Crashes can happen to anyone. I am sharing my dad Steven’s story to call for safer roads for all. Every road crash is preventable.

Rebecca wants to share Steven’s story to remind everyone that sudden and shocking deaths like this can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. A perfect day of strawberry picking ended in tragedy.

Since Steven died, the family has thrown themselves into raising money for Brake in memory of Steven. From Rebecca’s sister Kelly completing a skydive, to members of the family, friends, and the local community of Shirebrook completing a bike ride to Skegness.