The National Road Victim Service

0808 8000 401

Brake’s free support service if you are bereaved, seriously injured, or helping a road crash victim.

Meet your named caseworker. Call 0808 8000 401 or email

We can help if

We also help if you are supporting a bereaved or injured person as a friend or professional.

How to contact us

  • After the crash, your police contact will give you information about the support you can get from Brake.
  • You can contact us yourself or ask the police or a friend to call for you.
  • We'll talk to you to find out what has happened and what support you need.

We can help you with practical challenges

We can help you understand the complex, unfamiliar procedures that often follow a road crash, including:

  • How the police will investigate the crash.
  • What happens at an inquest.
  • How to find legal support.

You can talk to us if you're worried about money or a court case.

We can help you support children affected by the crash, or tell other people what has happened.

We can help you with emotional support

If you feel like you can’t cope, we’re here to talk.

We promise to listen to you, and provide a safe space for you to talk about your feelings.