Five people die on roads every day and the biggest causes of road crashes is speed - so why do we still think it’s OK to speed?

The theme for Road Safety Week was set following discussions with representatives from community groups, the police, Government, businesses, educators and other charities.

Ross Moorlock, Interim CEO at Brake, said:

“Every time we driver faster than the speed limit, or too fast for the road conditions, we increase the risk of a crash – and we increase the chance that someone will be killed or hurt on the road. The faster you go, the longer the stopping distance and the harder you will hit something.

“We are delighted that Autoglass is sponsoring Road Safety Week. It is important that every person, every community and every organisation is able to support, share and learn from this important week, and having an organisation like Autoglass onboard can only help us to do that.”

Ed Colley, Head of Digital and Marketing at Autoglass® said:

“Autoglass® are proud to be co- sponsoring Brake’s Road Safety Week campaign for 2023, as playing a key part within the motor industry means we are acutely aware of the importance of road safety action, education, and awareness.

“Our purpose as a business is to make a difference with real care, and as well as repairing, replacing and recalibrating vehicle glass to ensure the safety of our customers, we are also committed to serving our communities and making a positive impact on society. Sponsoring Road Safety Week allows us to be a part of crucial conversations and amplify those messages to as wide an audience as possible, ultimately working towards safer roads for all.”

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The other sponsors of Road Safety Week are Arval and DHL. Road Safety Week also supports the Department for Transports THINK! Campaign.